Interactive Map

Using the map:

  • Use the +/- control in the top left of the map area to zoom in or out.
  • Hover over the layers button (top right of map) and select or deselect layers of interest
  • Click on any coloured overlay object on the map to reveal popups for further details of the billboards, billboard clusters, cycling and walking routes and other local information

If you need a pdf map of a cycling/walking loop for printing try these links below. Maps are produced from OpenStreetMap data in the same way as the main online map:

Waypoint file containing all billboard locations with artist name (right click and save target as).

About the map: Underlying map produced by Andy Robinson of Boregis from OpenStreetMap data with stylesheet inspired by Stamen Design's 'Toner'. Map tiles rendered using Tilemill from Mapbox. Map display uses the Cloudmade Leaflet lightweight javascript library. Basic overlay data provided by the 48 Sheet project team and manually geocoded using JOSM. Geocoded locations and information is supplied to the map using the GeoJSON encoding format. Want control of your own map? Check out Switch2OSM.